The candles that change everything.

Our Core Collection grounds your home in the essential five scents, while our Limited Editions always keep things fresh. By selling directly to you, we’re able to ditch the industry-standard markup — for $36, you can light things up without thinking twice.

An elegant upgrade to pumpkin spice—warm, cozy, refined. Burn it on blustery afternoons when you’re feeling seasonal.

Perhaps our most luxurious scent yet. Pairs perfectly with cashmere throws, harvest brunch spreads, and golden light.

Scorched and sultry fireplace vibes. Light it up on crisp, starry nights with after-dinner cocktails and kindred spirits.

Abigail Cook Stone, the founder of Otherland, started out as an art buyer for Ralph Lauren, and after traveling the world in search of treasures to adorn the brand’s stores and restaurants, she decided it was time to launch her own new venture.

The perfect way to remember the summer. This candle smells like sandalwood, amber, and moss.

With fig, mint, and warm rain, this candle brings sunshine and palm breezes right to your home. 

Hand-poured, soy/coconut wax blend that smells like rose water and english gardens.


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