Handcrafted ceramics for your hands + home

Explore Virginia Beach’s ‘ViBe Creative District’ to visit Jars of Dust — a pottery studio and shop handcrafting functional ceramics for everyday life.

Our favorite statement piece ever. Put it on a shelf or mantle, use it as a centerpiece, stick a single flower bud in it, or a bundle of dried eucalyptus and you’ve got yourself a vase that everyone will swoon over!

A small, glaze dipped, 2-toned planter, with fluted sides to make it easy to get plants in and out. The bottom interior of the pot is left unglazed to allow more moisture to escape from the roots and keep them from rotting. 

A tall slender pitcher with a spout for the perfect pour. Use it to distribute your drink of choice around the table. Or let it double as a centerpiece vase, holding the bundle of flowers you get from the farmer’s market every week.

All Jars of Dust pieces are handmade in our Virginia Beach studio from start to finish. Every item is food, microwave, and dishwasher safe.

A 4-inch tall, handleless 12oz wine cup that keeps the white wine cold and conceals the special amount of red wine you decided to pour for yourself.  This wine cup is perfect with any dinner set and comes in more colors.

The entree bowl is crucial for a complete dinner table setting. It’s the pasta bowl, the salad bowl, the chili bowl, the chicken over rice bowl, the small serving bowl. The amount of depth it offers allows for much versatility at the table. 

The Dinner Plate – a staple piece that every home and kitchen needs. With a size that comfortably holds a 3-course meal and a thick rim that protects against chipping from daily use, this plate makes your dinner set authentically unique.

Handcrafted ceramics for your hands + home

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