Dedicated to baking with simple, whole food ingredients for life on the go!

Inspired by her mom’s healthy baking and armed with a KitchenAid mixer, Erin Baker created a revolutionary new way to serve breakfast… The Original Breakfast Cookie was born!

Life’s not slowing down and you still want to eat healthy…we get it! That’s why we bake our Breakfast Cookies with simple, whole food ingredients for life on-the-go.

Let your kids think they’re getting away with something with our nutritious cookies. Snacks, lunches, or a quick melt down solution…we’ve got you covered with Breakfast Cookie Minis!

This Granola is filled with big, delicious clusters which give you the option of eating with yogurt, milk, or straight from the bag! Freshly baked with simple, whole food ingredients you’ll love and recognize.

For over 20 years Erin has been baking with whole grain oats, fruits, nuts and seeds as the foundation of her nutritious breakfast and snack options!

We pack this Granola with ancient grains such as chia, quinoa, and flax paired with whole grain oats for protein and essential nutrients to fuel athletes and active lifestyles!

A nutritious on-the-go snack packed with protein filled nuts and sprouted seeds! Baking fresh and packing ourselves ensures you’ll get delicious snacks for your healthy lifestyle.

Our delicious breakfast and snack subscription boxes are perfect for your healthy eating goals or as a gift! Want a different assortment? Easily create your own!

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