A hair care brand for women who believe beauty is not defined by age

BETTER NOT YOUNGER is the only hair care line created to treat both the root causes and visible signs of aging. The result is a renewed follicle structure and texture for healthy, lustrous, vibrant hair — and the confidence that comes with it.

We all need a wake-up call from time to time. A jolt to our routine, a shift in direction and a fresh perspective. Our hair is no different. This volumizing shampoo brings life and luster to dull, thin hair, leaving it moisture-rich, smooth, shiny and thicker looking without weighing it down.

From perseverance to vulnerability, everyone needs a superpower. Your hair is no different. Our Superpower serum is packed with nourishing and scalp-stimulating ingredients that strengthen your follicles and promote healthy hair growth. Lightweight, non-greasy, spreads and absorbs easily. 

Everyone deserves a second chance in life, whoever they are. Our hair is no different. No matter how much you’ve colored or treated it, you can still give it an opportunity to shine. Our repairing conditioner will give even the most damaged hair a new chance for moisture-rich, shiny healthy-looking hair.

“Hair is the first thing we notice about people. For many women, it’s the biggest barrier to feeling better about aging. BETTER NOT YOUNGER is here to change all that…one great hair day at a time.”

Co-Founder & CEO

This creamy, rich restorative butter masque makes you the star of your very own show. Packed with butters that nourish and repair brittle, dull, unmanageable hair to bring it back from the brink. 

Every once in a while, we need our spirits lifted. Our hair is no different. If your hair is feeling thin and flat, this weightless hair thickening spray will provide just the lift you need. 

Your first silver hairs may have arrived unannounced, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t embrace them. This thick, smooth, enhancing butter masque quickly makes them soft and manageable.

not younger

A business by and for women who are not trying to look young, but want to feel their very best every day.

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